Revival_LogoThis site is maintained by Revival Construction, Inc (www.revivalconstruction.com).  Our mission is to build beautiful homes and lasting relationships, focusing on classically designed whole house renovations and additions to houses built before WWII in the in-town areas of Atlanta, Georgia.  We are also actively involved in the preservation of Atlanta and Georgia architects and architectural history through our memberships with The National Trust for Historic Preservation (www.preservationnation.org), The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation (www.georgiatrust.org), and The Atlanta Preservation Center (www.preserveatlanta.com).  We believe by preserving our past, we can sustain our future.

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  1. Dear Revival,

    Great work! So glad I found your blog (and website). If you can shed any light on 3100 Andrews Drive I’d so appreciate it. I painted a mural in it in the early 80s.



  2. I believe that 3100 Andrews may have been designed by Pringle and Smith. I have seen some plans that reminded me of that house. However, I remember seeing something in an old Southern Architect and Building News that made be question that.

  3. I’ve been working on an Augusta architect who lived and worked in Atlanta in the late 1930s and early 1940s. The information and the photos on this site have been so helpful in helping me understand aspects of his aesthetics. Many thanks.

  4. Dear Susan,

    The architect that comes to mind is Willis Irvin. He worked during this same period, studied architecture at Georgia Tech, then practiced primarily in Augusta and Aiken, SC areas. He did great work, and there is a self-published firm catalog. He is one of the best of that time and deserves more research.


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